Misuse and Misrepresentation

List of sites who knowingly steal copyright, slander, misrepresent, or otherwise damage artistes work and/or reputations, thereby stealing all their income and/or putting them out of business.  


The following sites list very badly researched information, which is slanderous at worst and useless at best.  They also display movies for which they have neither sought, nor gained permission to display.  Those marked *** have upped their level of abuse, by directing children to sexual content:

https://kinox.to - willfully supported by abuse@cloudflare.com, lutter.mng.lp@yandex.ru

https://kinox.tv - willfully supported by abuse@cloudflare.com, audit@ntx.ru

http://imagenesfondoswasap.net - willfully supported by abuse@hetzner.de, abuse@cloudflare.com, abuse@ovh.net

https://kinox.me - willfully supported by abuse@cloudflare.com, whoisguard, audit@ntx.ru

http://www.cokepopcorn.ch - willfully supported by abuse@cloudflare.com, info@mikrovps.hu

http://freestream.to - willfully supported by abuse@cloudflare.com, abuse@ipserver.su

http://cargocollective.com - willfully supported by abuse@1api.net, abuse@rackspace.com ***

https://movie4k.tv - willfully supported by abuse@cloudflare.com, lutter.mng.lp@yandex.ru

https://123movies.cd - willfully supported by abuse@privatelayer.com, abuse@cloudflare.com

http://www.watchfreemovies.ch - willfully supported by abuse@cloudflare.com,  abuse@marosnet.ru***

https://123movies.io - willfully supported by abuse@namecheap.com, abuse@cloudflare.com, abuse@privatelayer.com

https://cokeandpopcorn.click - willfully supported by abuse@cloudflare.com, abusemail@infiumhost.com

https://iwannawatch.pro - willfully supported by abuse@accelerated.de, whoisguard.com, abuse@cloudflare.com

http://fullmoviesonlinetv.com - willfully supported by abuse@godaddy.com, search-apnic-not-arin@apnic.net

http://iwannawatch.us - willfully supported by abuse@cloudflare.com, abuse@accelerated.de

http://hulumoviehd.com - willfully supported by abuse@cloudflare.com, abuse@myloc.de, abuse@myloc.de

http://putlocker.tech - willfully supported by abuse@proxad.net, abuse@cloudflare.com

http://www.megamoviewatch.com - willfully supported by abuse@myloc.de, abuse@cloudflare.com

http://tunemovie.net - willfully supported by abuse@proxad.net, abuse@cloudflare.com, protecteddomainservices

http://watchseriesfree.online - willfully supported by abuse@proxad.net, abuse@cloudflare.com, protecteddomainservices

http://freeseries.net - willfully supported by abuse@proxad.net, abuse@cloudflare.com, protecteddomainservices

http://putlocker.gd - Willfully supported by abuse@cloudflare.com, abuse@rackend.net

http://www.yesmovies.is - Willfully supported by abuse@cloudflare.com, abusemail@infiumhost.com

http://www.xmovies8.is - Willfully supported by abuse@cloudflare.com, abusemail@infiumhost.com

https://moviesland.stream - Willfully supported by abuse@cloudflare.com, abuse@ovh.net



The following site lists pre-edited images, never meant for public viewing, without asking for or gaining permission from the copyright owners to do so:

http://www.movpins.com - willfully supported by legal@evoluso.com, abuse@cloudflare.com

http://img1.tfilm.co - willfully supported by abuse@redstation.com

http://tvduck-imgs.s3.amazonaws.com - willfully supported by abuse@amazonaws.com



The following sites list very badly researched information, which is almost wholly incorrect.  Readers are best advised to avail themselves of better known, industry tools:

http://actorole.com - willfully supported by abuse@znet.live, abuse@godaddy.com, search-apnic-not-arin@apnic.net

https://watch-movie-novamov.blogspot.co.uk - Willfully supported by Google, who can be contacted here - https://support.google.com/blogger/answer/76315?topic=12468

http://www.cinemapassion.com - Willfully supported by abuse@ovh.net, abuse@ripe.net, z.o-w-o.info

http://www.areaknowledge.com - willfully supported by abuse@wildwestdomains.com

http://furfa.ru - willfully supported by abuse@infobox.ru, abuse@ripe.net




The following sites spam a variety of people and companies search results, through use of completely unrelated add-on information:

http://www.arborlawnandtree.com - willfully supported by abuse@godaddy.com

http://vsebuduttut.ru - willfully supported by abuse@ripe.net, hostmaster@beget.com




The following sites amount to the theft of articles written by professional journalists and edited beyond both recognition and sense, as a result, the sites not only commit copyright theft, but also slander and misrepresentation:

https://cratonoticias.wordpress.com - willfully supported by abuse@automattic.com, abusecomplaints@markmonitor.com, abuse@wordpress.com

http://radialistadeneslima.blogspot.co.uk - Willfully supported by Google, who can be contacted here - https://support.google.com/blogger/answer/76315?topic=12468

https://diariocariri.blogspot.co.uk - Willfully supported by Google, who can be contacted here - https://support.google.com/blogger/answer/76315?topic=12468




The following sites list eBooks.  Many of these 'eBooks' aren't available as eBooks and provably so, of those which are; the sites have neither sought, nor gained permission to list them:

http://pdf-freebooks.com - willfully supported by abuse@bitdedi.com, abuse@ripe.net, abuse@neterra.net

http://magazin.sheroadab.ir - willfully supported by abuse@ovh.net

https://pdfgwdqmy.cf - willfully supported by abuse@cloudflare.com

http://iteratephx.co - willfully supported by abuse@contabo.de

http://freebooknu.ru - willfully supported by abuse@cloudflare.com, abuse@neohost.com.ua

https://nbthreads.ml - willfully supported by abuse@cloudflare.com, abuse@3nt.com

http://booknciya.dyndns.co.za - willfully supported by abuse@vultr.com

http://www.fattoriedellisclero.it - willfully supported by abuse@staff.aruba.it, abuse@ripe.net

http://bydoc.by - willfully supported by extmedia.com, neolocation.com, abuse@ripe.net

http://azul-klean.co - willfully supported by abuse@iweb.com, hostmaster@impsat.net.ar, net-admin@noc.privatedns.com, privacyprotect.org

http://free-pdf-downloads.com - willfully supported by francis@chasemedia.ca, abuse@godaddy.com, abuse@sourcedns.com, abuse@liquidweb.com

http://www.ebooksdownloads.xyz - willfully supported by abuse@cloudflare.com, abuse@ovh.net, abuse@namecheap.com, tld.ops@centralnic.com, whoisguard.com, abuse@serverius.net

http://www.e-bookdownload.net - willfully supported by abuse@cloudflare.com, whoisguard.com, abuse@proxad.net

http://www.freeebooksonline.net - willfully supported by demaxstill@live.com, abuse@bigrock.com, abuse@ovh.net, abuse@ripe.net

http://books.designerbase.co - willfully supported by abuse@contabo.de







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