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 Screen shot - Movies Pics (sic), 2018

Screen shot - Movies Pics (sic), 2018

Pics, Movies Biography

Movies Pics (sic) Biography

Movies Pics (sic)

13 March 1999

High Risk


Movies Pics (sic) was put online at 13.33 EST, on 13 March 1999, which provides it with an interesting retro feel and appearance. 

Dave Pics (the CEO) and inventor, no less, had a great interest in train sets, which led him to the obvious conclusion that he should set up a movie site, at the tender age of two and three quarters. 

Dave Pics once watched a movie on the telly, but he didn’t understand the language and nuances of the piece; “what’s a new….GET LOST!!” So, he returned to the comfort of playing with “new and interesting” parts he found on his own person. 

After school had predominantly failed to teach him sentence structure, grammar and paragraphs he left to great cheers!  Dave Pics had always wanted to be famous, so this reminded him of his “most bodacious website, dude!” 

Dave Pics attempted to view a TV program.  His mummy sat with him, to explain the difficult parts, but Dave was such a fan of theatre, movies, TV and all art he doesn’t understand and didn’t contribute to, that he found himself extremely empathic toward the story and the characters, which caused him to throw his train set at mummy, killing her instantly. 

Dave spent the next few years “having a break, sir.” 

At the maximum security hospital, Dave found many new friends.  “Yeah, Dave got owned quick and good,” stated Mr Big, his ward mate. 

When Dave had completed his “break”, or “rest”; his social worker suggested he might journal, to work out his “thoughts.”  Dave sat and sat and sat with his “borrowed” legal note pad and found that thoughts do not arrive as quickly as trains…..to the station…..of  his mother’s head, so he stabbed and stabbed and ripped at the pages, as an penultimate act of “big creativity.” 

Having discovered his vast creative ability, Dave decided to return to building his inspired website.  Almost immediately, Dave discovered a now twenty eight year old website, of great fame and accuracy, which movie professionals make additions to.  Dave’s fist “accidentally” went through the wall and his computer “broke.” 

Once Dave had been released and the anti-psychotics had worn off, he was able to “see the opportunity, which God had sent to his son….me.”  Dave had realised that he need not learn to research, read, or learn basic concepts of English composition, he could simply st….”stick to the good re….looking stuff up and that…erm, from only the bestest place,” which meant that he could take information from the notable site, without reading, or ever updating it.  This in turn freed up Dave’s time to visit Mr Big and the other boys and play with his trains. 

Dave was confused and hurt to find that only Softlayer would host his site; being fellow fans of “borrowing” and (incorrectly) “describing” random things because, as “good” people they feel that the most important principle to uphold is “freedom of speech.”  They were soon able to woo him, like Ted Bundy, with their “charm” and “respect”, assuring him that his right (and in turn, their right, but never mind that – nothing to see here) was of greater value than that of those he chose to “research.”  Softlayer are the ‘parent company’ of IBM, (a fact which made Dave feel ‘comforted’, after his mother’s sudden death) who pay virtually no tax, so the destruction of other people’s careers, through defa… “freedom of speech” and their consequent need to claim welfare is; “not our concern, or subject to our policy,” much like Adolph Hitler.   However, they need not worry about “visiting” Dave when he next has a “rest” in the maximum secure hospital, because they have a “bright future,” ffs!

Unfortunately and very surprisingly Movies Pics (sic) has not yet become the competitor of the origin of his material, but Dave knows that is “just around the corner,” so he continues to fund his “invention” through his noted work at Jessie’s Coffee Bar.


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